Pinjarra Massacre Site

They will be remembered forever...

Visit the site where the Pinjarra Massacre happened in 1834 and the history behind it. Emerse yourself in an audio tour that brings it back to life on the banks of the Murray River and here eyewitness accounts.

This memorial site stands as a symbol to Aboriginal people across Australia whose people lost their lives and land in lesser known massacres, knowing their people didn’t just give up. Now after all these years, we feel that everyone needs to know that these people existed and inform people of the Massacre.

Out of all the men, women and children who were victims of the Pinjarra Massacre, only 21 Bindjareb Nyungars were listed. All the Nyungar victims of the Pinjarra Massacre will finally be acknowledged by this memorial.

To this day, Nyungar people don’t and never have had ownership of the most significant site in the region.

We cannot list the victims’ names, we cannot call it a Massacre Site or even a Significant Aboriginal Site, the site is only allowed to be known as a Battle Site.

During the massacre, only one officer died after falling off his horse but nobody cared to list how many Nyungars died on that fateful day on the 28th October 1834.


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