River of Spirits




Artists Statement:

The Pinjarra massacre site is important because it’s part of our culture and history. It’s a place where I can pay my respects. I truly believe their spirits are still there. Gloria Kearing

It’s a place of life-giving beauty as a river, also a place of great sadness because of the poignant tragedy that was the massacre of the Bindjareb Tribe. We need to remember the consequences of ignorance and greed. Rob Ewing


Tjyllyungoo Lance Chadd is a senior Nyungar artist who has dedicated his life to artistic excellence and created some of the most sublime and spiritual interpretations of this country and his culture. The work of Tjyllyungoo is acclaimed both is Australia and Internationally.

The South West Legends series of traditional stories have been revitalised in a vibrant way for future generations. This significant production was accompanied by a limited edition print run of 100

Shane Pickett Meeyukba (1957-2010) was one of the foremost Nyungar Artist whose painting style evolved towards his individual abstract style. Shane was an award winning artist and popular people choice winner. The work of Shane Pickett is held in major private and public collections throughout Australia and Internationally

Each print is hand signed and numbered